As our name implies, 2YourDoor Home & Office Pickup/Delivery service is a core service that we offer twice weekly to route customers. Pricing and services are the same as for our store customers. Many cleaners offer pick-up and delivery service as a supplemental service. Typically they charge high retail pricing and their coupon specials are only good for in-store business.

Items are typically cleaned, pressed and returned within 3 business days. No contract, no minimums, no fees or extra charges, same Everyday Fair Prices as available to store customers.

Sign up for our Automatic or On-Call Route Service (go to the Contact Us page). Place your garments in the weather proof bag that we provide and hang the bag in a location that the driver can see from the van before 9:00am of your service day. We will pick up the bag, clean the garments and return them to the specified location. Typically this is an entryway that has some protection from the weather. We provide a wreath style door hanger to hang the cleaned and pressed garments on. We invoice monthly. Most customers receive their invoice by e-mail. We automatically charge the credit card account that you provide us.

General Route Service Areas (contact us for verification):

Tuesday & Friday – Brighton, Brighton Township, Chilson, Genoa Township, Green Oak Township, Hamburg, Hamburg Township, South Lyon

Wednesday & Saturday – Commerce Township, Hartland Township, Highland Township, Milford, Milford Township, Oceola Township, White Lake Township, Wixom.