Most cleaners establish very high retail pricing and offer coupon or other discounts that make it seem as though the customer is getting a fair price. Heaven forbid that you forget the coupon or don’t meet all of the restrictions and have to pay the retail price. Let The Buyer Beware! When our customers do the math they see that our retail prices usually offer a better value that the other cleaner’s discount prices.

A few cleaners try to low-ball the prices. How can they do that when most others can’t? All cleaners have labor, facility, equipment and supply costs. Have you ever heard of a Not-For-Profit Cleaner? Their business model premise is that the low prices will attract a super-high volume of customers. Some find that the sales volume isn’t there and start cutting services to lower operating costs. The result can be a substandard level of service is needed to make the pricing strategy work. Generally speaking, if it sounds “Too Good To Be True”, it probably is “Too Good To Be True”.

2YourDoor customers agree that they receive a great value considering our Everyday Fair Price philosophy. We believe that standard prices should straight forward and not hidden behind coupons and sales gimmicks. We look forward to providing you our High Quality cleaning and pressing service at your Convenience and an Everyday Fair Price.